DCDBP DC Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans (DCDPB)
DC Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans (DCDBP)
The DC Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans (DCDPB) was created to monitor, address, and rectify the harmful impact of the installation of some protected bike lanes on commercial and residential neighborhoods in Washington DC. While we support cycling, we are concerned about the hazards some of these lanes cause. 

Supports the benefits of bike lanes and biker safety.
Supports the safety and well-being of the residents and businesses in the communities where bike lanes are being installed.  
Opposes Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) unchecked installations of protected bike lanes that bypass rules and regulation, while disregarding the rights, safety, and well-being of residents and businesses in favor of bikers and bike lanes
Rebukes DDOT’s biased and skewed research used to justify installation of some bike lanes that have harmful effects on residents, including seniors, disabled/handicap, parents with children by taking away safe and convenient parking near their residences. The removal of legal parking spaces punishes patrons and residents for parking illegally and forces residents to seek parking distant from their homes.
Rejects DDOT’s unwillingness to engage with the larger community of D.C. residents and businesses openly and transparently on balanced solutions for installing bike lanes with minimal impact on the community. 
Opposes protected bike lanes on congested commercial and residential streets throughout Washington DC (e.g., 17th St., NW; West Virginia Ave NE; Tunlaw St., NW; North Carolina Ave SE; 9th St NW; and others).

DC Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans (DCDBP)

Biker safety is important and wanted, but not at the expense and unnecessary inconvenience of residents and their safety.

Join Us to stop the improper implementation of bike lanes that take away residential parking. Help protect the Elderly, Disabled/Physically challenged and Parents with Children by keeping their parking. They should not have to walk long distances (sometimes multiple blocks) at all hours of the day & night, in all types of adverse weather conditions because their parking was removed for protected bike lanes.

The DC Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans (DCDBP) petitions the Mayor, DDOT and Council members, to reject plans which will cripple the economic and social nerve center of our livable/walkable community and instead encourage consideration of alternate bike lane plans that minimize negative community impact. “Let’s work together for practical solutions that help protect everyone, not just the bikers.”

When: Friday Sept. 24TH, 11am-1pm
Where: 1900 Block, WV. Ave., NE DC
**Drinks and snacks will be provided**

For more info contact:
DC Coalition on DDOT Bike Plans: 703-929-6656
DJ One Luv: 202-725-4916
Email: theluvlounge@gmail.com