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The Luv Lounge Radio
Hosted by Jamal "DJ One Luv" Muhammad
The talk show that brings the community to the airwaves to discuss, share and learn about any and everything that impacts the Black community. 
From the Capital to the Continent, if it's in the Black Community, 
it's in The Luv Lounge
We air live from 8pm to 10pm on and Twitch.TV/DJOneLuv
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Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021 
Topic: Financial Prep for 2022
Special Guest: Harrine Freeman
Financial Expert & Board Chair of “Lift Up Look UP”

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The Luv Lounge Radio Show Bio
Based in Washington DC, DJ One Luv (Jamal Muhammad) created The Luv Lounge Radio Show in 2006 to bring the Black Community voice to the world via social media venues such as YouTube & Facebook and on the airwaves of radio & tv stations. As a DJ, One Luv has used his platform of spinning music to bring people together, elevate moods and promote positive culture. As an Activist, One Luv has long fought for racial justice, equality and equity for the Black Community going as far back as the mid 80’s as a teen.

As an opportunity to elevate himself and his fellow community, DJ One Luv decided to merge his weekly Monday night DJ audience that he attracted for The Movement open mic night at the then Bar Nun Lounge in Washington DC’s famous U Street corridor with his activism resume to create The Luv Lounge Radio Show. Thus creating an organized, safe, cerebral and positive space for Black Men and Black Women to come talk about everything impacting their lives with other likeminded, as well as diverse minds. The Luv Lounge took off immediately and DJ One Luv has been in action as the host ever since. With audiences as large as 60+ sometimes, and different topics each week, the show has been extremely informative and attractive for countless people. Many of the original followers still support the show. Some people even have called The Luv Lounge their “church” because of the positive rejuvenating feeling they get from it each week. One Luv also uses the show to showcase positive Black owned businesses and people doing great things that normally may not get publicity in mainstream media.

The topics over the years have been very diverse, touching all aspects of life such as economics/finances, health/mental health, politics, law, relationships, racism, Black history & culture, entertainment, sports, self & community empowerment, family life and much more. Most shows feature guest that specialize in fields related to the topics, all though sometimes it is simply the audience sharing their opinions on the topics. The guest come from all kinds of backgrounds from political figures, entertainers, athletes, activist, doctors & mental health professionals, law experts, trainers, event producers, authors, entrepreneurs and much more.

The show has been produced in front of an interactive live audience at various Black owned establishments including lounges, coffee shops and restaurants in the Washington DC area over the years. Airing on YouTube and different radio stations such as WE ACT Radio and Square 1 Radio. The current format of The Luv Lounge Radio Show is broadcast live simultaneously on and Twitch.TV/DJOneLuv every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm. It is both audibly and visually accessible to the public worldwide. We usually have several members from the audience join in from TwitchTV, the Twitch chat group and over the phone lines. The setting is similar to a community townhall with guest to interact. 

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